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About Us

Our Mission

1. Spread the joy of juggling.
2. Grow and contribute to the wider juggling community.
3. Be sustainable within our own local community, building local partnerships.

We are super grateful to;

This list is not exhaustive! Current shout-outs to...
Our members, whether you've come once or are there everyweek, we notice you and are grateful for your support.

Kaleen Community Hall, the place we juggle every week. The people who run it are so kind and approachable. It is great to work with the hall directly and to meet other hirers - it really is a community hall, it grows community.

Youth InterACT Grants in 2018 we were successful in our application for a Youth InterACT Grant, this is what made JuggleHub financially independent, no longer just out of the pockets of the organisers and really being its own thing. The grant means we now have a full workshop kit, the club is closer to being self sufficient financially, we've been able to advertise a broader and really get on our feet.

Balls for your Mind our favourite Australian juggling distributor. Our workshop kit is freshly made by these guys and we totally recommend them for your juggling ball needs.

Play Juggling When we needed to do a bulk order of juggling clubs to fit into our grant Play helped us every step of the way. Even months down the track when the clubs had been worn in more they happily sent us more club rings and troubleshoot the problem.